Mega Man Advice

This world is a sad one, but a certain blue bomber makes everyone's day bright (flash) er. Pun intended. This website will, in the end, be filled to the brim with advice for the various 8-bit adventures of our hero, and the level editor, Mega Man Maker. Also, there are some pages on this site about the staples of the game (i.e. Strong robot master, weakling, one that has nothing to do with it's level, the obligatory ice stage, that one gimmicky weapon, that INFURIATING enemy (I am looking at you, Pepi), the yoku block stage, etc.) Here's an odd little thing: did you know that in each Mega Man game, there's one stage that seems a bit icy. (Ice man, Flash man, Gemini man, Cossacks Citadel, Stone man, Blizzard Man, Freeze man, Frost man, Tornado Man, and Chill man)

Pardon our dust, We are having Mets and Picketmen dig out the following pages:

  • Mega man (Character)
  • Mega Man Maker (Fangame)
  • MM1 enemies
  • MM1 stage gimmicks
  • MM2 enemies
  • Ranking of all enemies
  • Ranking of all Robot Masters
  • Ranking of all stage gimmicks
  • Here is a good creative outlet